Radical Inclusion Practice© Retreat:

as we walk toward racial repair and conciliation 

Sunday, January 23rd, 2021 | 1-5PM ET | $169 per participant

Answer the call: walk with self-awareness. Lay down a path towards the repair and reconciliation of racial injustices. Cultivate what MIT action-researchers call action confidence, “the courage and capacity…to create reality as we step into it.”

Our nation is built on harms vast, deep, and ongoing.
Communities across the country are beginning to seek out unvarnished truths.
Local repair and reconciliation efforts are underway and growing.
It is time to begin to prepare ourselves,
to lay down a path walking our way to making things right.
History is our inheritance and our burden, the present moment is our responsibility.

In this half-day retreat, we will create a sacred space and take the support of Radical Inclusion’s nondual practices to as we

  • Answer the call to face hard truths, even as we feel our reluctance and bear our discomfort
  • Feel the impact of our family story on our own lives and our place in the American story.
  • Free ourselves to envision a future where we are not compelled to repeat a personal and a shared national history we did not know.
  • Hold our imperfect human past and present with compassion.
  • Water the path we lay down with heartfelt grief, and know the preciousness of each and every human life.
  • Celebrate our readiness to persist, one step at a time.

Together, in good company, let us take one step forward and again declare, “Here I am.”

Perhaps like me you have been a sprinter most of your life – quick out of the gate, lacking stamina for the long haul. It’s not easy to keep a focus on the far horizon we are moving towards. We see institutional cracks and disintegration all around us, and still find it hard to trust the glacial pace at which the arc bends toward justice.

The news cycle moves on and on. And in the ongoing absence of a galvanizing national leadership WE, it turns out, we are the the animating energies of change. Even if we are just waking up. Even if our circle of influence seems small. Even though we are still learning.

As White people committed to laying down this path as we walk, we can begin to imagine and create a world where racial healing is an ongoing feature of our personal lives and the world. We can begin to imagine – and lay down a path in a world where meaningful change takes place.

Let your readiness pull you forward through discomfort

This 4-hour practice-based retreat offers a supported encounter with our personal and national history, freeing us to both grieve and to lay down the path we envision towards a different future.

Join me and 16 travelers committed to practical, heart-opening change together. Group size is limited to optimize transformation.

We will take the support of nondual practices to work with our own lived experiences and memories, and with a small slice of American history. We will gather wisdom from the past as we

  • refresh our relationship with our own family story of journeying to America, participating in the American Dream, and in American Citizenship
  • bring our own family story into conversation with the history of the early transatlantic slave trade, and how it shaped early colonial law
  • each offer our own reverent gesture of remembrance and emancipation, because we cannot say their names

Let’s take these illuminating and strengthening steps together.