Restorative Herbal Consultation

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From my earliest days as an herbal student, I was drawn especially to herbs that work at a system level to support mood, cognitive function, and energy reserves that are resilient in the face of physical, emotional and spiritual stressors. These same herbs are  likewise good friends to stabilize daily, seasonal, and life-stage rhythms. 

Their capacity to nourish and restore normal systemic functions combines well with other herbs that may be more targeted to symptom relief.

Together we make sense of the noisy and confusing herbal marketplace, and identify individualized herbal choices. We also surface themes for reflection and exploration that support your goals for living well. Herbal use is itself a practice that invites consistent attention, use and observation of effects over time.

Initial Assessment and recommendations

In the initial two-hour session, we review your health history, major life events, and current stressors and supports in the light of your goals. This includes a review of any prescription medications or over-the-counter supplements that you use. 

Towards the end of the session we focus in on patterns, clarify priorities, and discuss which personalized herbal products – teas, tinctures, powders – are the best avenue for you. The choices are based on a balance of ease of use with your lifestyle, taste and texture preferences, safety, cost, and availability. We discuss what you want to name each formula in order to reinforce your intention. Dosing is also influenced by any history of sensitivity to herbs, food, or other substances.

If you are preparing for or undergoing a course of medical or surgical treatment, I may request permission to consult with your medical practitioners.

I then formulate for your specific systemic needs and symptom relief. Within 72 hours after our session, I email you a summary of  the assessment, and a brief write-up on your herbs and proper use and dosage. I also advise you what shifts to look for. I submit your formulas to the Herbal Dispensary at the MD Institute of Integrative Health (MUIH) in Laurel, MD. The Dispensary calls you to arrange for payment and ships directly to you.

Because we often identify themes for exploration, I generally include recommendations that support your goals for establishing new routines and softening habits that no longer serve you.

Initial follow-up session

We schedule a one-hour follow-up 3-4 weeks after you begin taking your herbs. During that time I encourage you to observe and make a note of any changes you notice, and to be in touch by email with any concerns or questions. 

At your first follow-up, we reassess, fine tune the initial formulas, and discuss if and how to build on them for greater responsiveness.

Frequency of sessions

Over the short-term, monthly follow-up sessions are recommended for 3-6 months depending on your state of health, the intensity of ongoing stressors, and your responsiveness to the herbs.

Our goal during this period is to identify your personal herbal friends, the ones that can build, nourish, and nudge your body towards the rhythms, energy use, mood, and resilience that establish a sustainable foundation of health for the life you are called to lead.

As your baseline health stabilizes, and your symptoms are managed, I generally recommend quarterly check-ins at the seasonal changes. Shifts in the weather, balance of indoor and outdoor time, and seasonal rhythms can be stabilizing or destabilizing, depending on your body type and history. Fine-tuning the herbs with these changes helps your baseline health remain stable and responsive.

Once we have identified your herbal friends and you know which ones to reach for in your own herbal medicine cabinet, a semi-annual or annual check-in is sufficient.

Free 30 minute consult before scheduling your initial assessment

This gives us an opportunity to explore your needs, clarify expectations, and establish that we are a good match.

Let's Begin

Initial 2 hour herbal assessment

Within 72 hours, an email summary of the assessment, and herbal recommendations, including dosing and anticipated effects

All formulations sent to the MUIH Herbal Dispensary


Continue Progress

1-hour follow-up session

Within 72 hours, an email summary of the assessment, and herbal recommendations, including dosing and anticipated effects

All formulations sent to the MUIH Herbal Dispensary