What is Radical Inclusion Practice©?

Radical Inclusion Practice is a fresh, honest, and kind way to get real about race and gender.  We turn our attention to the inner work necessary to forge meaningful change in the outer world.

We discover and harness unconscious biases that are embedded in our stories about how the world works. We learn to unravel the hold of our internal equivalents to the laws, policies, procedures, and organizational hierarchies that limit access and advancement in society.

Our biases play out powerfully as our Rules for Living – what we assume to be “normal” appearance and behavior, “just the way things are.” We begin to see how we have been rewarded with safety, belonging, and security and for following the Rules. Or in some way punished, cast apart and aside as we have bent or broken them, much as incentives and opportunities are withheld from people whose appearance and behaviors do not conform to White and male standards in public spaces.

Stay on your learning edge And
build resilience with discomfort

Radical Inclusion Practice© supports you to stay in productive discomfort – the optimal zone for learning – as a helping professional, activist, spiritual seeker, or anyone who has begun to question your own views and relationship with skin color and gender. As we practice, we build our resilience. We draw on honesty and kindness to do the emotional and behavioral labor of owning the unconscious biases that come into view. 

This work redirects our trust in something beyond the rightness of our beliefs and behaviors. We are held through our vulnerability, blaming and defensiveness, self-judgment and shame. As we learn, these normal, if scary, discomforts, are unrecognized handmaidens of wisdom. Radical Inclusion Practice© helps us show up, offering wise guidance when we need to step back, recoup, re-nourish, recover. It anchors us in the reality that while we are each here to make our unique and particular contribution, neither is the work ours to complete.

What radical Inclusion Practice will not do:

What Radical Inclusion Practice will not do is help you substitute a new fixed identity, secure in its anti-racist, anti-misogynist wisdom and invulnerable to further learning.

As we practice, we become trustworthy human beings, able to to perceive more clearly, entertain new possibilities, and partner co-creatively on this lifelong journey


  • begin to perceive and disarm the power of stories that we were taught as children
  • map the rules, values, and roles embedded in those stories, and the rewards of belonging that we reap from continuing to follow them.
  • deepen our capacity to hear and invite in the conflicting voices within that shape our multiple identities and their differing lived experiences.
  • reckon with the gap between our idealized and actual self.
  • enlist our discomforts and fear around race as guides and allies.
  • learn to learn from and within the body.
  • nourish curiosity, openheartedness, openhandedness, willingness, and empathy.

We begin to see and feel in fresh ways.
We grow in humility and integrity.
We gain freedom to act from a place of inclusion, to be inclusionary. 
We evolve. 
In the midst of life.


I thought I might get some tips on how to better behave in social settings where race was an issue for me. Instead, I was able to safely explore parts of myself which limited my ability to engage. This opportunity to explore unconscious beliefs, woven unknowingly into the background fabric of my world view in childhood was transformational: I have moved away from the fear of ineffectively communicating or being uninformed about race. I have a new curiosity about “other,” and most unexpectedly, I discovered a willingness to step up and be more ‘out loud’ with my formerly shy voice, on not only racial matters, but in other important areas of human rights.
Carol Wetherill
Masters Transpersonal Psych, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Coaching Practitioner
The Radical Inclusion course helped me process a lot of unspoken thoughts and feelings around race, especially that uncomfortable topic of white privilege. It's a very organic process, not linear, and that allowed it to be exactly what I needed to open up my heart and mind to a new perspective on how I view myself and others. I now have a strong emotional foundation from which I can do the continuing work of listening to others, listening to myself, and questioning my assumptions about how things work. In a world that is constantly changing, this is a valuable tool for understanding how the world really works (not just how I think it works or want it to work), and that is very empowering to me.
Sara Korn
With Sara’s teaching, encouragement and guidance, I was able to discover early narratives that impact attitudes towards racial and gender bias.  These surprising revelations, along with new practices have given me new tools moving forward.
Sara consistently created a space where moments of understanding could unfold. During one of the course’s many excellent exercises, I made a profound connection—it was about my own sense of belonging and the conditions of life for Black people in our country that could preclude a feeling of belonging.. In that mediation, these two understandings became linked in my consciousness, and in my body awareness. The connection is now visceral for me, as well as intellectual, and oh so powerful.
Deborah Green
Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Chair
The biggest transformation for me is that I feel like I was tentative in my own explorations, and now I need to turn more in this direction. I need to have courage in doing it. Let the tears roll. They're always right there. An extraordinary level of pain, personal challenge and real suffering in the world. I'm willing to pause. Listen to my heart. Consider who I want to have real conversations with, about love about respect, race, gender. It involves an ask of my friends, to have intention and create space for such conversations. I am inspired and appreciative of the intentional space you created to begin to explore this complex and multi-layered material, even to see how much is buried in me and in others about race, gender, aging, class, and to hear others’ honest thoughts and reflections.
Jennifer Downs
Licensed Acupuncturist, RN
This course has been a great pointing tool helping me to locate in which directions to venture, what I want to pursue, where I want to dig, as it were. It has been an enlightening means to exploring and understanding better the things I observe around me. I very much valued hearing the other class members’ experiences with race, and engaging with people whom I felt from the outset I could trust in inquiring “What’s the source of this belief? What are we really reacting to? What's underneath this?” … And they were willing to be self-aware out loud, to risk putting themselves in the way of another’s resistance in order to understand themselves; they welcome insight and expect the need to change. They respected and trusted me, as well: “We’re a group and we’re going to pull our threads, together.”
Suzanne Strutt
We all suffer from the sickness of racism. If we deny it, well, that’s an unconscious bias! Like any disease, diagnosis is the key to a cure. This course helped me unpack and clarify long-hidden assumptions that I now realize were getting in my way. I discovered personal insights that are already paying dividends…and I believe will continue to benefit me as I build on the course’s foundational, perspective-expanding structure.
Greg Conderacci
Good Ground Consulting LLC, Author of Getting UP! Supercharging Your Energy

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