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What is Radical Inclusion

Radical Inclusion (RI) brings nondual practices to bear on healing the divides of our fractured personal, social and civic identities. With that healing comes fresh perception, and the agency and freedom to take thoughtful and effective action towards healing the social and civic divides that surround us. Through open-hearted self-inquiry, available both one-on-one and in group settings, RI teaches practical and skillful means to meet this fraught cultural moment and your own humanity.

Stay on your learning edge And
build resilience with discomfort

RI supports you to stay in productive discomfort – the optimal zone for learning – as a helping professional, activist, spiritual seeker, or anyone who has begun to question your own views and relationship with skin color and gender. As we practice, we build our resilience. We draw on honesty and kindness to do the emotional and behavioral labor of owning the unconscious biases that come into view. 

This work redirects our trust in something beyond the rightness of our beliefs and behaviors. We are held through our vulnerability, blaming and defensiveness, self-judgment and shame. As we learn, these normal, if scary, discomforts, are unrecognized handmaidens of wisdom. RI helps us show up, offering wise guidance when we need to step back, recoup, re-nourish, recover. It anchors us in the reality that while we are each here to make our unique and particular contribution, neither is the work ours to complete.

What radical Inclusion will not do:

What RI will not do is help you substitute a new fixed identity, secure in its anti-racist, anti-misogynist wisdom and invulnerable to further learning.

As we practice, we become trustworthy human beings, able to to perceive more clearly, entertain new possibilities, and partner co-creatively on this lifelong journey

As we practice Radical Inclusion together, we:

  • deepen our capacity to hear and welcome the conflicting voices within that shape our identities, roles, perceptions, and responses to life
  • meet and befriend our storytellers and Story-maker 
  • revisit our early life influencers and origin stories of difference, of “othering” and being “othered”
  • explore the ego through movement and reflection, the shape-shifting Storymaker who uses and misuses appearances, stories, and intimacy to fix our identity and maintain its continuity
  • map the norms and biases that pervade our perceptions and behaviors.
  • open and settle ourselves in the realities of our actual relationship with race and gender even as we remain committed to the work we have yet to do
  • deliver ourselves into greater freedom and agency

One / One Engagement


I welcome this half hour as an opportunity for us to get to know one other, for you to explore your questions, hopes, fears, intentions and focus for our work, and to assure we are a good fit. We’ll talk about where to start, and which nondual practices and explorations might best support you. Sessions are set at two-week intervals to allow for adequate integration of the work. 


Sessions are available by phone, Zoom, or in my Baltimore office.


10% discount for single payment option
5% discount for 2 payment option

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Group Introduction to Radical Inclusion

Free 30 min consult with group leader

I welcome this half hour as an opportunity for us to get to know one other, to explore the intention, context, and desired outcome for your group’s work, and the focus and language that will make for a meaningful and useful workshop experience. We will also discuss, as needed, the pros and cons of meeting in affinity groups by race or gender identity/expression.

2 HOUR INTRODUCTION SESSION to Radical Inclusion at your venue in the Baltimore metro area or online via Zoom.  Minimum 8 participants

EXCHANGE: $40 per person