Radical Inclusion Immersion

 Uncover and harness your unconscious biases through this 4 week beta program

Through the work of Radical Inclusion, you will gain skills and resilience to uncover – include and harness your unconscious biases, as you: 

  • begin to perceive and unlearn stories that you were taught as a child
  • deepen your capacity for empathy as you consider the effects on yourself and others of norms and preconceptions embedded in those stories
  • learn to enlist your own discomfort and fear around race as guides and allies
  • trust yourself to figure out what is the next unique, right-sized, and right action for you to take, aligned with your deeply held values
  • be freed to serve in ways you cannot now envision 

Are You Ready to Harness Your Unconscious Biases?

Join the 4 Week Program:

$197 to reserve your place by Feb. 1

Discount of $50 when you register for two spots
(Total: $344 for two)

This 4-week beta program offers a protected space for professionals, seekers and activists who:

  • are committed to racial and gender justice
  • wrestle with being part of the problem you want to solve
  • are ready to look within and work with your own stories and lived experiences

Meets weekly on Zoom | 12 noon- 2:00 PM ET Sundays: February 7 – 28

Program Details

  • Class size limited to 12 supports transformational learning with others committed to practice
  • Audio recordings and chat box entries from exercises
  • Private Facebook Group: a single closely administrated location to post questions, share in-sights and dilemmas from practice, and access documents and links.
  • At course conclusion, a one-hour 1/1 session with Sara to support integration of material and next steps, and to provide Sara with feedback.


“This is the work we need to do and what will shift things if we can do it.”
“I discovered a willingness to step up and be more ‘out loud’ with my formerly shy voice, on not only racial matters, but in other important areas of human rights.”
“This practice activates my heart.”
“…helped me process a lot of unspoken thoughts and feelings around race.”
“I now have a strong emotional foundation from which I can do the continuing work of listening to others, listening to myself, and questioning my assumptions about how things work.”
“Found the given exercises very useful and practical.”
Sara Eisenberg

About Sara

Sara Eisenberg is an activist-healer, herbalist, and elder. A life-long learner, Sara has developed Radical Inclusion Practice through her own 5-year personal wrestle with racism and patriarchy. She is indebted to the many participants in her on-line practice spaces – first, following the 2016 election, and second, during the Pandemic and current racial reckoning. Sara is the founder of alifeofpractice.com, her online home where she integrates her work in Nondual Kabbalistic Healing, Herbal Medicine and Radical Inclusion Practice.