“Hey, how you doing?!”

Has this become a loaded question,
while you shrug and say, “I’m okay”?

Truth be told, are you…

  • At the wit’s-end of your coping skills?
  • Anguished at the state of human affairs and Mother Earth?
  • Wondering how you’re going manage a third Pandemic Spring?
  • Worried how you’re going to maintain relationships, whether to let frayed ones go?
  • Trying to reclaim some shred of rhythm in your life?

I’m right here with you.

For so many of us, this effing Pandemic has disrupted our routines and schedules. Our pleasures. Cognitive function. Sleep, digestion, appetites. Decision-making. Our hopes and plans.  Disruption at the scale of our lives. And while much of the world is starting to move on, there’s no certainty that Covid-19 is through with us.

I’ve been feeling all this too – and I’ve found a fortifying and nourishing way through. A way to practice leaning into the chaos while drawing on the deep, resourceful, trustworthy  rhythm that birthed and sustained each of us to reach this season.

Let’s work together to harvest the opportunities of this disorienting, draining disruption and meet the complexities of 2022 with curiosity and creativity.

It all starts with conversation. You and I will meet for a complimentary 30 minute “coffee chat”. This gives us an opportunity to get to know each other, and ensure we’re the right fit for this healing and work. We’ll sketch out the territory you’d like to explore, and clarify your intentions. From there, we’ll schedule your first session. 

Sign on to six one-hour healing and awakening sessions to show up and be met just as you are, see yourself  and the world with fresh eyes, weigh new possibilities, and plumb your own wisdom. Make this a time to nourish your physical, emotional, and spiritual resilience. To find yourself more rooted in your own being and attuned to your soul’s purpose, which also happens to be what the world wants most for and from you.

Frequently asked questions:

$140 per session, with a 10% discount if paid in full for all 6. 

For most people, meeting every two weeks provides just the right amount of time to 

  1. integrate insights/learnings/shifts between sessions and sustain change and 
  2. prevent habit from re-asserting itself, accompanied by a discouraging sense that we are starting over

In an acute or crisis situation, meeting weekly provides sustaining support for a period of time.

Six regularly scheduled sessions over a three-month period of time offer a safe and nourishing space, and staying power where trusting relationships can unfold, root, and deepen – with yourself – between us – and in the healing wisdom of your own life circumstances.

At our sixth session of a series, we use some time to reflect on what basis and with what intention it would serve you to continue, or to pause, or bring our work to a conclusion for now.

If we have worked together before, or you have participated in classes with me, you may already sense you have found a home and support for long-term, deep healing and awakening. Or we may find that a fewer number of sessions may serve your immediate need well enough.

If you are new to working with me, we can sort through the questions of timing and frequency, and together find the optimal support for you.

Yes! You can pay per session, or receive a 5% discount when you pay for 3 sessions at at time ($399)

What do you have to lose? Join me for a cup of coffee (or tea) over a 30 minute no obligation Zoom session, and we’ll explore what brought you here. I am committed to using this chat time to assure that we are a good match, and to support you in clarifying your intention.

Here's what others are saying:

“Sara’s loving presence and fortifying way of being created a nurturing space to stretch and grow”

“A new found and much needed sense of peace”

“Truly a healing experience”

“A treasured, guided experience”


“I feel grounded, intact and in the flow of things”