May you delight in the blessings of Winter

a season for restoring body and spirit,

and for savoring


long quiet nights,

warm, nourishing soups and stews,

herbal teas that soothe, warm, and cheer,

candle and firelight,

the sheer beauty of nature’s forms stripped of all finery,

the still small voice within.

However you observe the season, may you find yourself in good company and in good cheer.

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  1. It is morning, cold, clear, and crisp as so many NM winter mornings are, but this poem makes me look forward to this evening, when I will settle into my favorite chair after a long-day’s work, beside my kiva fireplace and feel its warmth radiate into the room and my soul, surrounded by my loves (Eric and the pups). Thank you, Sara.

  2. How delightful! Now I can sink into this whole other winter solstice environment that you so succinctly evoke! Also good for me to keep in mind when I feel the SW calling me…

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