I’ve been taking instruction from weedy plants now for some time.

Dandelions tell me where the topsoil is depleted of nutrients.

Blackberries and creepers teach me close and diligent observation and pruning.

Plantains reveal the paths that heavy rains travel across the surface of our back yard,  a low point into which the whole block drains.

Every  plant – and every human being – makes its characteristic gesture.

The plants remain single-minded in their praise-fest of life.

We humans, not so much.


Instructions to a gardener

by Sara Eisenberg


Let the dandelions


and carry buried nutrients to my soil



Give the thorny blackberries room to spread, increase their fruiting.


Let-be the creepers to shade

an interior







Follow the plantains as they

follow the




Every green thing is pre-

occupied with,

gestures us towards


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  1. Sara, this is wonderful – a perfect, lush spring day to have it land on my radar, just as I was contemplating the earthly abundance out my back door.

    (is that true about dandelions? I didn’t know that!)

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