Sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes? Manage seasonal allergy symptoms with friendly herbs and simple steps.


Reduce your exposure to airborne triggers

Limit your outdoor time or time of day to early morning, late in the day, and after rains, when pollen counts are lower.

Avoid exposures to secondary smoke and chemical irritants.

Use a HEPA filter vacuum.

Change pillowcases nightly.

Get pets off the bed, out of the bedroom.


Wash away irritants

Fill neti pot with warm salt water, use morning and evening.

Add 5 drops each of Goldenseal and Propolis tincture to soothe and restore health to irritated nasal tissue.

Add 5 drops Echinacea tincture to fight infection.


Desensitize your immune response to local allergens

Enjoy a daily teaspoon of local honey!


Reduce “lifestyle load” and manage your stress response 

The stress hormone cortisol increases immune production of IgE, a key immune cell in the allergic response: lower your stress response, lower your tendency to allergic hypersensitivity.


Choose foods that improve immune response and avoid foods that make the body reactive

Eat more colorful foods, whole grains, organic when possible for selected foods.

Eat more Omega-3 fatty acids: fish and fish oils, & in nuts & seeds & their oils – flax, walnut, canola oil.

Drink more water and herb tea to keep flushing out your system.

Eat less red meat, white foods.

Drink less alcohol, coffee

Avoid sugar, which depresses immune response.


Herbal help for acute bouts of sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes

Chinese skullcap tincture (Scutellaria baicalensis): 3 droppersful in a little water. You can repeat that every 20 minutes up to one hour, but in my experience, you probably won’t need to!


Herbal supports for extended use through the allergy season

Nettle tea: limits histamine release, reduces production of excess mucus, and helps your lymph system remove wastes and toxins, allergens among them.

Elder flower or berry as a tea or tincture, or the berry as a concentrate mixed with water, limits histamine release and reduces mucous membrane swelling.

Mullein leaf or flower as a tea or tincture helps reduce flow of mucous with sense of heat, soothes irritation to reduce cough. Generally safe for long-term prophylactic use, and short-term symptomatic relief.

Note: Consult a health professional before self-treating with herbs if you are on blood-thinning medication, or multiple prescriptions for medical conditions; pregnant; or anticipating surgery.

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