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Radical Inclusion Practice embraces your life as it is

Welcome, fellow learner! Not everyone is curious and willing enough to accept an invitation to do the inner work, to see ourselves more clearly, and to free ourselves to be the change in the world we long to see.

We are called to be willing, curious, and resolute; to equip ourselves with new skills; to join together. 

We begin where we are, as we are.

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Radical Inclusion Practice embraces your life as it is:  inclusion and exclusion, “just-right” words and “wrong” actions, the “called-in” and the “called-out.”  This email series will equip you with new skills and understanding.

Feedback From Our Radical Inclusion Learners

I made a profound connection—it was about my own sense of belonging and the conditions of life for Black people in our country that could preclude a feeling of belonging.. In that mediation, these two understandings became linked in my consciousness, and in my body awareness. The connection is now visceral for me, as well as intellectual, and oh so powerful.

Deborah Green, Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Chair

Why Radical Inclusion Practice?

Mainstream taboos have fallen. New possibilities for racial and gender awakening, healing and reconciliation are possible.

Breaking news and the soundtracks of our lives challenge our commitment to race and gender justice on a daily basis.  

Radical Inclusion Practice is a fresh, honest, and kind way to get real about race and gender.  We turn our attention to the inner work necessary to forge meaningful change in the outer world.