Fore-giveness is a profound kindness built into all of life – you could say we are made of it, and that it is the juicy and sweet seed of our own capacity to forgive.

Fore-giveness shows its Holy Self in those fleeting moments when I know who I am, where I stand, in whose company and in Whose presence. Receptive and responsive to the unique gifts of that brief measure of time.

I call these fore-giving moments, made of honesty and kindness, wisdom and understanding. They have a way of letting errors, insults, woundings, achievements and attainment each be just themselves. They leave me empty, fault and faults forgiven – and also entirely responsible and with the capacity to repair.

I understand these alchemical moments to be expressions of  a pre-existing and eternal character of the universe we humans inhabit. A compassion that precedes us in time, rank, and position. A kindness great enough to hold even the grudge I am not ready to release.


Yom Kippur at the Holy of Holies

by Sara Eisenberg


once each year

a single-hearted woman


a single seed

of every type,

drops each soundlessly into

a clean linen pocket:

tov mo’ed.


she stands on holy ground,

around her ankle

a twine of bright ribbons

woven by her intimates and

on which they gently tug,

pull her back from the edge.

they whisper

“forgiven, pardoned, granted atonement.”

they sing

“enter the year!”


she slices wide a pomegranate,

they feast on sweet-tart arils

while the juices run.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the insights about “fore-giveness” and self-compassion – at least that’s the connection I made. And thank you for the beautiful poem. I love the image of gathering the single seed of every type. It makes me thing of abundance and possibility.

    • Thanks, Nancy –
      Surely it is more difficult for us to realize that fore-giveness towards ourselves, yet this is a 360 degree phenomenon, inside and out. This is not to deny the truth that sometimes we are called upon to wrestle with the unforgivable and must choose a course of action to protect and defend what we hold dear. Fore-giveness is that quality of Reality that holds both forgiveness and unforgiveness, worthiness and unworthiness to be forgiven. The human heart can sometimes access this Reality, in which neither the forgiver, the act, nor the forgiven are idealized, but simply allowed to exist.

      • Thank you – this adds to my understanding and gives much to think about.

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