Body Mapping



Befriend Your Body: Map its patterns, rhythms, and functions

If you are feeling out of touch with the interconnection between the rhythms and seasons of the natural world and your own body, this engagement is for you.

If you feel too busy and preoccupied, often overriding, misinterpreting, or failing to even notice your own body sensations, body mapping will support a reunion with your sacred home.

If you tend to your body by appointment or afterthought, and you worry that your choices can no longer sustain a work-around level of health, body mapping will help you prioritize a better relationship with yourself.

Your body comes with its own very personalized instructions, and you can learn to read and follow them. You can learn the pattern language of your body’s climate and your guiding physiological rhythms: breath, flow, messaging, energy use.

You can learn to inquire, observe, listen, and respond openheartedly to your body and environments, drawing on your innate feel for the dynamics (flow, boundary, dispersal and permeability) of the natural elements – water, fire, air, and earth.

Many professionals use body mapping in their work, often using chakra, anatomical or ergonomic contexts.

I believe it is most beneficial to the healing work that I offer that body mapping be returned to its natural context. We are embedded in and one with nature, even though our cultural model is one of mastery and exploitation.

Through body mapping you will celebrate your body with honesty and kindness. You will see new possibilities to tend, befriend, free and direct its extraordinary creative energies, as well as to establish a sustainable foundation of health for the life-work that calls you to take the place that is yours alone.

This engagement includes:

A 20-minute preliminary private consultation with me to prepare you for the creative inquiry

Written instructions for the body-mapping process and questions for reflection to prepare you for our live private integration session

A guided audio reflection to lead you into creating your body map

A 45-minute private integration session with me to discuss your map and consider its messages