Most people find me because they’re experiencing a great deal of dissatisfaction, restlessness or fear and anxiety in their life. They are often dealing with some sort of life or health transition, or a deep sense that there must be something more.

Sometimes the needs are primarily spiritual. Other times they are mostly physical. Sometimes the struggles are internal and intrapersonal, other times they are interpersonal and even global.

Through working with me, clients realize that they can engage productively with their struggles and suffering, rather than fruitlessly. They can do this when they give up on fixing or curing themselves and open up to healing–becoming whole, gifts, talents, warts and all, and to awakening–living in freedom.

They also realize that there is often overlap between their spiritual, personal and physical needs. This is why over the years I have strived to integrate my work in nondual healing, herbal medicine, and creative inquiry.

I rely on many tools in my practice, but at the core of my work is the belief that good-enough is good enough; that there are nurturing, rather than punishing, ways to work with the physical body, personality, material and spiritual yearnings, and suffering.

My expertise in the field of personal, intrapersonal, and interpersonal healing informs my work, as does my training in Nondual Kabbalistic Healing and Herbal Medicine, and, above all, honesty and kindness.